Ezenna Okotcha

Props & set design made by me

Shoot soundtrack: Curtis Mayfield - Pusherman


Fake Weed tutorial

What you’ll need:

Cotton wool

PVA Glue

Got2Be Glued freeze spray Mixed herbs Container with lid
Hair dryer

Cut cotton wool into reasonable bud sizes.

Dip and spread PVA glue all over the cut cotton wool.

Dry sticky cotton wool for a couple of seconds so glue can become tacky.

Put mixed herbs in a container, put sticky cotton wool inside the container, close lid and shake. You may need to pack on more mixed herbs on to the cotton wool to cover all the white cotton.

Lay the fake weed onto a tray and spray with Got2Be Glued Freeze Spray to allow mixed herbs to stick together (there will be fall out)

Repeat previous steps to make more and more fake weed.

Allow fake weed to dry for at least 2-3 hours before moving it around.