open your purse
a directory for ways to help
last updated: 21/10/21

This week
Oreoluwa’s Moving Funds - $oluwaoo, venmo @oreaa,

Help a Black trans woman pay for HRT - $sleaphart

Help Izzy raise funds! - PayPal @izzylxo

Previous week
Lilith’s survival fund -

Help a Black trans woman beat cancer -

Help Lara get to work - PayPal: @glossyforher

Previous week -
Owiny's Declassified Survival Fund (£235 needed) -

Help Reece find safe housing - $spliffanyevans, Paypal: @esiuqram

Raise funds for Exist Loudly -

Justice for Dion Johnson -

Dion Johnson was killed on Memorial Day
for pulling over and sleeping in his car.
He was shot and killed by a DPS officer.

Palestine Relief Fund -

Previous week
Deja's Transition Goals ($48,615 needed) -

Help Trans Non-binary Femme with Transition ($18,179 needed) -

Help Kasha with her transition! ($4,931 needed) -

Help Me Pay My Medical Bills and Transition ($40,750 needed) -

Previous week
Survival fund for a black trans student ($4,414 needed) -

Help Buffy's Move and Transition ($2,440 needed) -

Help Yana Davis secure safe housing! ($11,470 needed) -

Arianna's Move Out Fund ($1,090 needed) -